Cos'é Avatar®?


Il corso Avatar® è stato introdotto nel 1987 ed è stato frequentato da più di 100.000 persone. Attualmente viene insegnato in 72 paesi ed è stato tradotto in più di 32 lingue.

Il corso Avatar® risveglia le tue naturali abilità di gestire la tua coscienza. Durante il corso si imparano  una serie di esercizi esperienziali che ti permetteranno di progettare e strutturare la tua vita in modo che sia come tu la desideri, Harry Palmer lo definisce "Vivere Deliberatamente".

Questi strumenti ti permettono di risvegliare una consapevolezza più elevata, di liberarti di schemi mentali e di convinzioni limitanti e auto-sabotanti e creare veramente una vita vita in cui ti senti realizzato.

Il corso Avatar® viene insegnato in un ambiente sicuro, privo di giudizi.

I corsi si tengono in sale conferenza all'interno di Hotel e sono  organizzati in gruppi all'interno dei quali  si è seguiti personalmente da uno o più Avatar Master. Gli studenti lavorano con un Master Avatar che li guida individualmente negli esercizi del corso affiancati da altri Master e studenti. Giorgia ha accompagnato con successo centinaia di persone che hanno fatto i corsi durante la sua attività di Master.

Completando il corso gli studenti diventano più luminosi e felici, con le abilità per creare vite piene di valore e di ispirazione.


Cosa puoi riacquisire con questo corso?

  • L'abilità di esplorare e vedere le tue convinzioni per quello che sono veramente e come stanno creando le circostanze attuali della tua vita
  • L'abilità di creare convinzioni con assoluta certezza
  • L'abilità di discreare convinzioni con assoluta certezza
  • Usare il potere delle tue convinzioni per creare la vita che desideri
  • Tranquillizzare la mente e fare esperienza di chiarezza di volontà e aumento di concentrazione
  • Ottieni consapevolezza e acquisti controllo della tua mente, e della tua vita
  • Liberarti dai giudizi
  • Vivere pienamente la vita
  • Esplorare la tua coscienza

Avatar is your own course

There is no one way a person experiences an Avatar Course.  Nor must you be a certain kind of person to have the Avatar exercises work for you.  Everyone is free to be who they are.  The Avatar course is self-generating and self-paced.  In the exercises, you’ll explore your own consciousness using your own unique way of self-discovery.  It’s a very freeing experience.

Avatar is offered as a nine day course.  Some people complete it in fewer days and some more.  What’s important to those of us who deliver Avatar, is that you have the individualized opportunity to explore and integrate each of the exercises in a way that is to you and your trainer, a success.

“Each moment that you are happy is a gift to the rest of the world” – Harry Palmer

Here’s what you recover with Avatar…

Your ability to Create Beliefs with absolute certainty.

A belief is not really a belief unless it is completely true to us.  We may wish or desire for something to be true, but that’s not the same as actually believing it is true.  In the Avatar Course, you learn through a series of exercises, and shifts in your consciousness, how to swiftly and easily create beliefs you prefer to have.  And when you intentionally create a belief, you’ll have the immediate experience of the new reality you have created.

Your ability to Discreate Beliefs with absolute certainty.

Usually people try to change their lives by choosing to believe new ideas that seem more preferable.  But while they plainly see the value of their new ideas, their prior experiences keep reasserting themselves, preventing the changes they would like to have from their new beliefs.

During the Avatar Course, you’ll have shifts in your consciousness that make if possible for you to swiftly and easily discreate beliefs you prefer not to have.  You acquire simple, but effective tools to discreate prior experiences that are asserting themselves and preventing you from changing your life.  When you discreate these beliefs, you’ll have the immediate experience of your reality changing, too.

Your ability to Quiet your Mind.

These simple but profound exercises will show you how to naturally quiet your mind, including any “mind chatter” you may have gotten used to. With a quiet mind your attention won’t be divided, so you’ll be able to place your attention where you choose, increasing your clarity, concentration, and focus.

Your ability to Free yourself from Judgments.

As you’re discovering that your beliefs create your experiences, your judgments will start to melt away.  And if you have resistance to letting go of judgments you no longer wish to have, you’ll learn how to eliminate the resistance, as well.   Students often find that this ability is both liberating and highly energizing.

Your ability to Fully Experience Life.

You will reconnect with the experiential awareness of your own existence (hard to describe, amazing to experience).  It’s a moment of pure exhilaration. You have the actual, palpable experience of feeling connected with anything and everything you choose.

Your ability to Explore your own Consciousness.

Avatar is an extraordinary adventure into your own consciousness.  With the Avatar tools, there are simply no limits to your explorations.  Your adventure will be as exciting and rewarding as you can possibly dream

Dettagli dei prodotti

Avatar is delivered in Three Sections

All three sections as an integrated whole

Each of the three sections builds on the skills you have already gained, plus your own unique realizations.  As you move through the course, you will have a sense of how far you want to go with your own self-determined transformation.

The Avatar Course, guided by licensed Avatar Masters, is an individual integration process that allows you to view yourself and your world from a place of calm presence and serene power.  From this viewpoint everything is possible.  Anything can be accomplished.

Section 1

In the two-day ReSurfacing® Workshop you explore the relationship between your beliefs and the reality you experience as your life.  You will discover the power of your attention and its ability to create calmness, focus, and satisfaction.  You’ll begin to unlock the power of your will and recognize it as a tool to direct life and handle any tasks with confidence.  Section 1 contains enough information, demonstrations, and experiential exercises to acquaint you with the principles of Avatar.

Section 2

These experiential exercises open a perceptual channel beyond the customary function of the thinking mind.  You raise your ability to experience reality completely – without judgment, thought, or distortion.  This is a powerful ability that quiets the mind.  An inner peace will become the foundation of your life.  You will also restore your ability to create new preferred realities at will, while removing limiting and self-sabotaging attitudes.  Stress is replaced by a relaxed awareness.  Joy and laughter begin to surface as you realize that your life is completely in your own hands.

Section 3

At the beginning of Section 3 you are introduced to the simple yet very powerful discreation technique, a method for handling beliefs that no longer serve you.  This technique incorporates all the previous learned tools and it enables you to dissolve personal limitations, old problems, and life long patterns.

You become totally confident at applying this new skill during the Avatar Rundowns.  Each rundown addresses an area of experience, belief, or attitude that may be interfering with your appreciation of life. You can easily use the process to improve your health, self-confidence, relationships, and career, or to handle difficulties with compulsions, addictions, pains and interpersonal communications.

During this part of the course, you’ll experientially perceive any aspect of your existence from a creator viewpoint.  When you have achieved this perspective, you will have recovered the viewpoint of Avatar.



Seminario Riemergere®

In this workshop-style training, you will:

  • Take Inventory of your own beliefs (even ones you’re not aware of)
  • Discover who’s really responsible for your success (or failure)
  • Strengthen your will; control your attention; make clear decisions
  • Learn powerful techniques to handle stress
  • Increase the amount of compassion in the world
  • Create a life plan you can begin to follow deliberately

2 days

Dec 31 – Jan 1 Orlando, FL

Il corso Avatar®

In this experiential training, you will learn how to:

  • Quiet your mind; raise your vibration; enhance your ability to create
  • Stay calm, even if others are not
  • Find your limiting beliefs and discreate them
  • (Finally) stop your self-sabotaging patterns and behaviors
  • Discover your life goals; create your life dreams
  • Contribute to a peaceful world

9 days

Dec 31, 2016 – Jan 8, 2017 Orlando, FL

Il corso Avatar® Fast Track

In this experiential training, you will learn how to:

  • Quiet your mind; raise your vibration; enhance your ability to create
  • Stay calm, even if others are not
  • Find your limiting beliefs and discreate them
  • (Finally) stop your self-sabotaging patterns and behaviors
  • Discover your life goals; create your life dreams
  • Contribute to a peaceful world

9 days

Dec 31, 2016 – Jan 8, 2017 Orlando, FL

Contattaci per sapere quali altre date sono disponibili e dove si svolgono altri corsi.

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Il cammino Avatar

Corso Avatar Master

The Avatar Master Course is about genuinely connecting with others, maintaining a stable presence no matter what is happening around you, empowering people to achieve what they may not think is possible, resolving conflicts, and communicating with others from the heart. It also teaches people how to handle discouragement, and gives specific techniques for creating true abundance. It is a 9-day course and is held 4 times a year in the USA, all in Orlando Florida.

Prerequisite: The Avatar Course and an invitation from your Avatar Master.

Corso Avatar Professional

The Avatar Professional Course focuses on increasing students ability to be present and real, to deepen their connection with others, to align their life with their higher purpose, and to handle hidden resistances that hold people back from creating lasting success. It is a 7-day course held in Orlando Florida once a year.

Prerequisite: The Avatar and Master Courses.

Corso Avatar Wizard

The Avatar Wizard Course teaches about the different levels of consciousness, and the effect of operating at each level. People learn how to handle confusion, feeling disconnected, projections, indecision, addictions, and creations that seem to keep coming back. They also further develop their intuitive ability and creative power. The Avatar Wizard Course is a 13-day course that is held in Orlando Florida once a year.

Prerequisite: The Avatar and Master Courses.